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Spring break special

Finz Dive center is excited to announce a Spring Break special. We offered a 4 hour private beach trip for six people at 600, We are reducing the cost and extending the time…. Our spring break special is now a 6 hour sand bar trip for only...

Wahoo Slaying

This Wahoo season is one of the best here in Key West. The Boys of Finz Dive Center have been Slaying it! Book your wahoo Charter and lets keep shooting them.  

Happy New Year!

The Crew from Finz want to wish every one a Happy New Year. What is every ones new years resolutions. Ours at Finz is to dive more and find new dive sites.

Lionfish Ceviche

Lionfish Ceviche Capt. Levi Metcalf From Food to Diving. Lionfish are native to the Indo-Pacific, but are now established along the southeast coast of the U.S., the Caribbean, and in parts of the Gulf of Mexico. How did the fish get to the Atlantic? While the exact...