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FINZ Dive and Tackle offer a wide range of services and equipment. Our dives boats are operated by licensed USCG captains (six-pack operators) and we provide a professional divemaster on each trip. We are a full-service dive shop with on-site air fills and a repair center. We offer speargun repair and rigging services, sales of all types of dive equipment, fishing tackle, sodas, beer, sandwiches, snacks, and live and frozen bait. Just to name a few!

We can outfit you with a simple set of snorkeling gear or the most technical dive gear on the market. Our knowledgeable staff will get you the equipment you need at a price you’ll love. We carry only quality products and will strive to make your experience a pleasurable one. Give us a call or stop by to see our fine selection of products.

FINZ also offers Dive Instruction and Certification, ranging from a simple refresher course to open water certification, Dive Master, and even freediving.

Scuba divers exploring underwater coral reef ecosystem
Scuba diving buoyancy control device (BCD) on white background.

Rental Gear Day Rates

  • Fishing Rod $12
  • Air Tank $12
  • Mask / Fins / Snorkel $16
  • B.C. $20
  • Wetsuit $10
  • Speargun $25 (Boat Trips Only)
  • Nitrox Tank $22-$25
  • Air Fill $10
  • Nitrox Fill $16-$25
  • Full Set Up - 1 Tank / B.C. / Regulator With Computer / Wetsuit $65
  • Regulator With Dive Computer $15
  • *For Sanitary Reasons Mouthpieces Are Not Included.
  • *You Can Purchase Your Own Mouthpiece From Us Or Bring Your Own.

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