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Finz Cork Hat


Quercus suber is commonly known as the Cork Oak. A medium-sized evergreen… blah blah blah plant facts. Trees are super cool and all, but have you seen this hat? Wear this bad boy and tell people, “oh this is made of real Quercus suber.” I guess we could call that your new quirk. If you are a quirky Quercus cork hat coveter then this is the deal for you my friend. Even if you’re not going to proclaim the power of plants, you will always make a statement by wearing our Finz Cork Hat. When you walk down the street all who see you will get so excited that they’ll wet their plants. Buy a hat, get a joke free. “Do you know what an acorn is? In a nutshell, it’s an oak tree…” So stay shaded and cool with this awesome cap from Finz.

Not Machine washable, but very comfortable indeed. Adjustable snap back and breathable mesh backing. This flex fit hat is perfect for daily use.

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