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Reef Dive

Reef Dive

Finz is known for our exceptional customer service, personal attention to detail, and relaxed atmosphere. Our 2 tank reef dive is full of amazing fish and coral life and is sure to amaze you. The trip starts with meeting our professional crew and getting you outfitted with any equipment you may need. We take all your equipment to the boat and a few minutes later we are moving through the mangroves on the way to our ocean dive site.

Finz is the fastest 6 passenger dive boat in the Florida Keys, this means more time in the water for you. Our short boat ride is sometimes interrupted by various wildlife including Dolphins, Turtles, and Manatees. Once we arrive at the reef site our divemaster leads the plunge into the ocean and leads you on the most amazing adventure you are sure to experience on your vacation. Finz reef dive is full of amazing colors of both hard and soft corals, sea fans, fish life, and other marine creatures. Our divers often see Turtles, Dolphins, Rays, Eels, Sharks, and more on the Finz reef dive.

We do not limit our dives to an arbitrary time, like some other shops. Our dive time is limited by safe diving practices and comfort in the water. Finz always provides a divemaster in the water with our divers allowing you more comfort and opportunity to experience the dive. The divemaster will help you to remain safe and comfortable throughout your adventure. Once your time underwater is done our crew will transfer your gear to the next tank and prepare you for the next part of your adventure.

Finz reef dive is the best way to experience the longest dive with the most wildlife anywhere. Our 6 pack dive boats are fully equipped to take your group diving comfortably on any of the many reef sites around Key West. Our attention to detail and personal service is unmatched by any other.

Why Finz Dive?

Limitless Fun

Whether you want to experience the ocean on your own, or hear our fun crews personal knowledge, facts, and made up truths. Finz Dive has the tour for you. Leaving you with an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Split or Private

Finz Dive offers both Split or Private expeditions. You can choose to keep it private with the people you love, or you can go on an adventure with others and make friends along the way.


Our Finz Dive Masters and Instructors are Certified as Divers, First Responders, and in CPR. So you know you will not only have a fun time, but a safe time aswell!

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We offer all our guests a gear rinse and storage while diving with us. We will Clean, Dry, and Store your personal dive equipment so you don’t have to clean it in the shower at the hotel. If you dive with us multiple days Finz will have your equipment ready on your next trip, so you can focus on the fun. 

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