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Night Dive

Night Dive

One of our favorite ways to experience scuba diving is during the night. Our well lit boat will take you to an entire new world.  At night everything changes, corals open up, fish lose their fear of people, colors change, and the entire experience becomes magical. We bring our own light source into the water which brings out colors you wouldn’t normally see. Many underwater creatures are nocturnal and only forage for food at night so the entire ecosystem changes. Some of the most memorable dives we have are made after the sun goes down.

On night dives we provide lights if you need them and our experienced dive guides will lead you to the most amazing sites. We even pack a little surprise into each dive.

Most of our divers choose the reef for the night experience but if you are advanced open water certified or higher we offer a night dive on our flagship wreck, The Vandenberg! This is an experience like no other. The current moves water across the many structures on the wreck and lights it up with the natural bioluminescent. It is impossible to describe the beauty of this dive. When the crew of Finz want to go out for a night dive we almost always choose the Vandenberg as our destination. Come experience it for yourself.

If you’re ready to try a new way to dive or already know how amazing night diving can be then book now to experience Finz Night Dive.

Finz Night Dive is a 2 tank dive and lasts approximately 4 hours. Our first dive is a twilight dive and the second is after the sun goes down.

Why Finz Dive?

Limitless Fun

Whether you want to experience the ocean on your own, or hear our fun crews personal knowledge, facts, and made up truths. Finz Dive has the tour for you. Leaving you with an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Split or Private

Finz Dive offers both Split or Private expeditions. You can choose to keep it private with the people you love, or you can go on an adventure with others and make friends along the way.


Our Finz Dive Masters and Instructors are Certified as Divers, First Responders, and in CPR. So you know you will not only have a fun time, but a safe time aswell!

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We offer all our guests a gear rinse and storage while diving with us. We will Clean, Dry, and Store your personal dive equipment so you don’t have to clean it in the shower at the hotel. If you dive with us multiple days Finz will have your equipment ready on your next trip, so you can focus on the fun. 

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