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Dry Tortugas

The Dry Tortugas National Park is one of the most amazing places on earth. Situated 70 miles from Key West it is secluded from most of the pressures of human development. The water is crystal clear and the coral reefs are pristine. Some of the coral structures rise 50ft from the bottom straight up!  Fish life is everywhere and there are species you will only find inside the park. We have one of the few permits to be able to legally dive inside the National Park, and will safely take you and your dive buddies to dive sites you could never forget.

Some of the sites we visit are the Maze, the Bat Caves, Dante’s Inferno, Texas Rock, and Sherwood Forest just to name a few.
With the ability to explore Fort Jefferson during part of our entire day’s adventure you will be taken back through history and won’t have to imagine just how wonderful Fort Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas really are.

Our trip equally lends itself to both scuba diving and snorkeling. The shallow waters around Garden Key and Loggerhead Key are perfect for those that are snorkeling. Finz Tortugas trip is the only day trip that will visit Loggerhead Key and its lighthouse. The windjammer wreck is possibly the most beautiful shipwreck in the U.S. and is only accessible from a private boat or Finz Tortugas trip. Why limit yourself to only the 1 percent of the National Park that is above the water. With Finz you can explore more!

Finz Dry Tortugas charters are always private and can accommodate up to 6 guests on our boats. This charter typically lasts 10-12 hours and is an all day adventure. Lunch is provided as well as snacks. It is an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The Finz Tortugas Adventure is a private experience. Call for more information.

Wreck Dive

Finz Wreck Dive is the best way to experience our amazing artificial reefs. Key West is home to many different wrecks at depths that are appropriate for divers of all certification levels. Our knowledgeable divemasters will make sure your trip is comfortable and fun.

Joe’s tug is a small wreck with big potential. She sits in 60 ft of water and is surrounded by a beautiful reef. Joe’s tug has been damaged by storms for years but still is home to many different species of fish. The best part about Joe’s tug is you never know what will show up. Turtles, Eels, Grouper, and many reef fish are known to appear at any moment.

Caymen Salvagmaster is a 200 ft long cable layer that has been submerged for more than 30 years. The coral growth on the wreck is amazing. The main deck sits at 70ft and the sand is at 90ft. This makes for an excellent dive on Nitrox for those who are certified or wish to get certified. Our favorite residents of the wreck are two giant Goliath Grouper. They are usually on the bow and one of the first things we see as we descend on the mooring line. The Caymen is a photographers dream.

Reef Dive

Finz is known for our exceptional customer service, personal attention to detail, and relaxed atmosphere. Our 2 tank reef dive is full of amazing fish and coral life and is sure to amaze you. The trip starts with meeting our professional crew and getting you outfitted with any equipment you may need. We take all your equipment to the boat and a few minutes later we are moving through the mangroves on the way to our ocean dive site.

Finz is the fastest 6 pack dive boat in the lower keys which means more time in the water for you. Our short boat ride is sometimes interrupted by various wildlife including dolphins, turtles, or manatees. Once we arrive at the reef site our divemaster leads the plunge into the ocean and leads you on the most amazing adventure you are sure to experience on your vacation. Finz reef dive is full of amazing colors of both hard and soft corals, sea fans, fish life, and other marine creatures. Our divers have seen Turtles, Dolphins, Rays, Eels, Sharks, and more on the Finz reef dive.

We do not limit our dives on an arbitrary time, like some other shops. Our dive time is limited by safe diving practices and comfort in the water. Finz always provides a divemaster in the water with our divers allowing you more comfort and opportunity to experience the dive. The divemaster will help you to remain safe and comfortable throughout your adventure. Once your time underwater is done our crew will transfer your gear to the next tank and prepare your for the next part of your adventure.

Finz reef dive is the best way to experience the longest dive with the most wildlife anywhere. Our 6 pack dive boats are fully equipped to take your group diving comfortably on any of the many reef sites around Key West. Our attention to detail and personal service is unmatched by any other.

Combo Dive

Finz Combo dive is a mix between the adventure of a wreck and the beauty of a reef.  We will start out on one of our 3 major wrecks for our first dive.  You will explore the history and mystery of one of the keys artificial reefs with your professional dive guide. For the second dive we will move to shallower water and explore part of the third largest barrier reef in the world. You get the best of both dives in a fun relaxed atmosphere. As always our dive guides will show you the beauty of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary on our adventure.

Please note: Our Combo Dive is subject to change location without notice. If you would like something specific please call our shop directly.


A new adventure awaits you when you try a Finz Private Spearfishing Trip. Our spearfishing trips start with the basics, giving you the knowledge to safely participate. We will hunt for many species of fish and enjoy the beautiful reef while we dive. Our Divemaster will be with you the entire time and provide the knowledge and skill development necessary for you to hunt safely. Your adventure can be hunting with either freediving/snorkling, or on SCUBA. Finz always recommends a longer trip for beginners because it allows you more time to practice your skills and capture your trophy fish! Book a Finz Spearfishing trip and take your vacation to the next level.

From beginner to the most advanced spearfishing we can make your day on the water amazing. Our knowledgeable crew will help you refine your skills and become a better underwater hunter. Please contact us to make your day on the water unforgettable.

Private Charter

Finz Private charters are the most flexible way to get on the water. We offer two, three, or 4 tank dives as well as snorkeling or scientific trips. Thanks to our small size and flexibility on our private trips we can take you to sites that no other shops visit.  Booking a private charter means the boat reserved for only your group of up to 6. We can mix and match any of your favorite activities including scuba diving, backcountry exploring, dolphin watching, snorkeling, spearfishing, sunset cruises, and more. We specialize in custom requested so if you want to do it we can probably make it happen.

Book now or contact us to find out how you can make your vacation unforgettable.

Vandenberg Dive

Finz Vandenberg dive is an amazing adventure. The 2nd largest artificial reef in the world is guaranteed to not disappoint. At over 520 feet long and 70 ft wide she is the most popular wreck in the lower keys and the favorite of our crew. Our divemasters have an intimate knowledge of the wreck and will be able to guide you around the wreck safely.

Since hurricane Irma the Vandenberg has moved slightly deeper and was turned 30 degrees from her original position. The main deck now sits at 108ft and is the perfect depth for Nitrox certified divers. The wreck is home to an abundance of wildlife and we often see sharks, rays, goliath grouper, barracuda, and huge schools of sardines. The satellite dishes are mostly intact and enormous! What a site to behold.

Thousands of divers have explored the wreck since 2009 when she was sunk and is a must dive.
Please note: Our Vandenberg Dive is considered a Wreck Dive and can change location without notice. Please call the shop directly if you would only like to dive the Vandenberg. Due to the challenging conditions an Advanced Open water certification or higher is required to dive The Vandenberg. 

Night Dive

One of our favorite ways to experience scuba diving is during the night. Our well lit boat will take you to an entire new world.  At night everything changes, corals open up, fish lose their fear of people, colors change, and the entire experience becomes magical. We bring our own light source into the water which brings out colors you wouldn’t normally see. Many underwater creatures are nocturnal and only forage for food at night so the entire ecosystem changes. Some of the most memorable dives we have are made after the sun goes down.

On night dives we provide lights if you need them and our experienced dive guides will lead you to the most amazing sites. We even pack a little surprise into each dive.

Most of our divers choose the reef for the night experience but if you are advanced open water certified or higher we offer a night dive on our flagship wreck, The Vandenberg! This is an experience like no other. The current moves water across the many structures on the wreck and lights it up with the natural bioluminescent. It is impossible to describe the beauty of this dive. When the crew of Finz want to go out for a night dive we almost always choose the Vandenberg as our destination. Come experience it for yourself.

If you’re ready to try a new way to dive or already know how amazing night diving can be then book now to experience Finz Night Dive.

Finz Night Dive is a 2 tank dive and lasts approximately 4 hours. Our first dive is a twilight dive and the second is after the sun goes down.

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