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Scuba Diving Preparation

Scuba Diving Preparation

May 22, 2018 | 0 comments

Scuba Diving Preparation

By Joseph Selzer

We all have “that” dive; you know the one. The one that you have been talking about forever, thinking about for years. That dive you are going to do…someday. For many divers, someday is due to the wreck being too deep, the dive not being long enough, or the lack of experience needed for a night dive. Luckily, someday can be very soon with the help of the many courses available to divers.

As we move out of the cold winter weather and into the mild temperatures of spring, visions of wrecks and reefs dance through diver’s heads. We start planning our trips and envisioning our underwater adventures of the diving season ahead. But, why envision the same trip you took last year, when you can experience something even better!?! There are new and exciting courses that open up the possibilities to see and experience the underwater world in ways that you have only dreamt about. You think you’ve seen it all? You haven’t! You think it doesn’t get better? It does! One of the greatest aspects of diving is there is always something new to see, new challenges to conquer and new limits to be pushed. Think about this: we know more about the surface of Mars than the ocean floor.

Remember the feeling you had when you began diving? How cool it was to see what is unreachable to so many. The excitement of a wreck; the beauty of the underwater ecosystem. Well, the deeper you go, the cooler it gets. That magnificent wreck that was just too deep to explore, the mystery that lives on the depths of the reef wall are all within your reach with a deep diver course. You can over double your max depth and finally experience the wonders of diving that have been just out of reach.

Do you ever feel as though you’re not spending enough time on the bottom but spending what seems like forever on the boat between dives? A Nitrox certification is exactly what you need. With this certification you will experience longer bottom times, shorter surface intervals, longer repetitive dive times and some people are even less fatigued after a long day of diving.

Did you know that most sea life is nocturnal? When you go diving at night, you see the life that doesn’t come out during the day. Eels coming out of their holes in the reef, spiny lobsters roaming the ocean floor, curious sea turtles swimming around you and there may even be bio-luminescence. If you haven’t experienced this, you’re missing out; a night diving course is what you need.

For the more advanced divers, there are new and exciting possibilities for you as well. Technical diving courses bring the world of diving to a completely new level. These diving courses help you to better understand diving as a whole, bringing a greater level of satisfaction and enjoyment to each dive you take. You can go even deeper, stay down longer, or venture into overhead environments like wreck penetration or even caves! If you want to exceed limits and expectations, a technical diving course is for you. 

Whether you are just starting your diving journey or looking for a way to get more out of your dives, there are tons of classes out there for every level. Stop waiting for someday and make it happen. Bring your diving, your experience and your passion to the next level. The only thing you will regret, is not having done it sooner!

By Joseph SelzerFeatured in Coastal Angler Magazine, Florida Keys Edition, March 2018

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