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Post-Irma Vandenberg & Reefs

Post-Irma Vandenberg & Reefs

Sep 28, 2017 | 0 comments

Eagerly wondering how it fared from the storm, we went diving on the Vandenberg this past weekend, post Hurricane Irma. We believe we were the first to do this dive post-Irma, in which we rescued mooring ball #1 from being trapped underneath the wreck.

The visibility was 30ft and the wreck was thankfully in great shape. The wildlife is still abundant and the fish are plentiful, as before. The satellite dishes were rotated around but mostly intact, surrounded by fish. All the mooring balls are there and are ready for divers.

Joe’s Tug also looked good with the mooring ball intact, and Marker 32 is good with 20ft of visibility, but the reef survived. Our precious reef is also thriving, with crystal clear visibility down to 20 feet. We cannot wait to show our charters the life on the reef and how it was able to withstand such a powerful hurricane.

We are already starting to do charters and the Finz Dive and Tackle Shop will be opening back up for business Monday, October 2nd.

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